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Artist's guide to the Gun Artist's guide to the Gun

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Just what I needed!

Eventually going to have guns show up in my Flash animation, I kept thinking to myself "I'd better learn the basics about guns and how they work!" I never got around to doing it, but I just came across this today and knew that this would most likely be a big help. After watching, it was just the thing I needed, as it provided all of the information on common guns as well as things like jams and muzzle flashes that I was also needing to know about if I was ever to confidently begin using guns in my projects.

The visuals were kept fresh with shiny guns in the background and filled in the gaps nicely. It also appealed to me how there was no obnoxious, unnecessary dance music inserted or anything.

This was a very helpful tutorial and has covered pretty much everything I wanted to know about guns in general. The only other thing I would have liked was a bit more on shotguns and assault rifles, but I have the general idea now anyway and could probably quickly find what I need to know using Google.

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StealthBeast responds:

I was contemplating putting music in the background, but figured people would probably want to listen to their own music as they watched. Besides, it keeps the file smaller.

I wish you told me what it is you wanted to know about shotguns and assault rifles so I can address it specifically, but what may be important to you:

The most popular shotguns seem to be 12 gauge, pump action shotguns, and of 12 gauge, pump action shotguns, the Remington 870 and the Mossberg 500 seem to be the most popular. They're good references to a generic shotgun, so if you're looking for shotgun specifics, Google those.

The amount of ammo a shotgun can hold is determined by the length of the tube that extends underneath the barrel; The longer the tube, the higher the magazine capacity. Note that this Remington 870's magazine tube extends all the way to the end. .php?t=369163
Similar sizes often hold 8 rounds in the magazine
Whereas, this 870's tube probably holds 4, 5, or 6 rounds. cted/remington%20870%20%2012ga%20aaaa a.jpg

Assault rifles are covered by similar rules of the semi-automatic pistol section: They always eject brass, they're prone to jam, and they usually have safeties. Clearing a jam in an assault rifle works the same way as a pistol, just replace the word "slide" with "bolt".

- Music in Motion - - Music in Motion -

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

Argh! It's frustrating.

The concept is good, yes, and COULD have done very well indeed, but there were too many glitches that got in the way of the fun.
In level 1, there were many times where I would be on top of the block and there would be a block in front of it which was barely one pixel higher, which I could have easily been able to step onto, but that wasn't the case, and it completely cut off my speed, leaving me having to jump up in order to get onto the second block, while frantically trying not to touch the left side of the screen. Another issue with the first level is the camera. I mean, it's jumping about everywhere. It should have just been fixed on ground level instead of following the exact movement of the character, because: 1. With the camera lifted off of the ground, you lose your flow and will have to quickly rely on your memory of where the next block was. 2. Not being able to see the ground is BAD because you have no idea of what's going to be ahead of you. That was about everything with level 1.
Level 2 could have been particularly fun, putting the previously-mentioned glitchiness aside, but this level almost WANTS you to lose. When you're quickly running out from the area where a block is about to land and you're barely going to make it, you sort of get stuck at the end of the area, allowing the block to squash you. Another thing is if the character is barely within the block's falling area (say, a third of his width), you sometimes get crushed anyway, where you'd expect it to just nudge you aside. One last thing with this: when the inevitable achievement box was sitting there after I had completed level 1, I was standing under it, waiting for the level to start, when a big block suddenly appeared and crushed me! The achievement box had hidden the approaching block! I guess next time I'll have to stand at the other side just in case, but most players would be idling at the right of the screen having just finished level 1, so you could either make the level delay longer (for the achievement to have time to disappear) or just make the camera slightly higher so you can see more of what's above.
Level 3... As far as I can remember, there was nothing really wrong with this level. It played well and there were no glitches to get in the way!
The boss... I haven't really beaten it yet. There isn't an obvious clue of how to beat it. The-Great-One's review mentions that you jump onto a specific spot on its head, but so far, I haven't found it, and have died, twice.

The graphics are fine as they are. Though basic, they suit the theme of the game (although the constantly-changing background can get a bit confusing) and I like the character's design.
The music isn't to my taste, but that's my problem. It fits the gameplay well, and that's all that matters.
The cutscenes, though short, are well-executed and portays the concept of progression, instead of, say, being teleported to the next level.

Overall, the idea was very original, with good visuals and music, but it's too bad the glitches can easily get in the way of the fun.

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Red Moon Red Moon

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Great visuals/audio, but glitchy, general gameplay

Visuals: I have to say, the visuals were excellent, especially at the startup screen. The silhouette theme was very appealing and the backgrounds looked very professional. The cutscenes were exciting to watch; I found them intense and realistic. Very good with these. 9/10

Audio - SFX: The sound effects were just the general sword sounds you get on many other Flash games/movies, and they served their purpose, but the voices were what really grabbed my attention. They were absolutely brilliant. I don't think I've ever seen a Flash game that put so much effort and emotion into the voices. The first scene was the best for voices, because I was blown away by how well the man's rage was expressed. I felt that the voices were perfect. 10/10
Audio - BGM: The music used was also good, and fit the scenario of the game well, but the songs during the levels got a bit annoying due to the loud percussion. At the start of the second set of stages (where the song changes), I heard the mysterious beginning of the song, drawing me into the atmosphere, until I recognized the beat of the song coming, leading to the same old techno percussion I had been hearing before. Apart from that, the music was very varied and suited the theme of the visuals well. The boss batlle music was intense and was good to hear while you're battling it out, and the loud percussion was absolutely appropriate! 9/10

Gameplay: The general "slash 'em up" gameplay, along with walljumping, nothing too special. That by itself is fine, but when paired with the tonne of glitches and inconveniences, the game started to get frustrating due to the fact that some of the causes of my deaths were entirely the game's fault. The main thing was the camera. It functioned fine, but the problem was that it was zoomed in way too far, which frequently hid death pits and platforms below, leaving me to take a wild guess of where to jump next, usually resulting in a miss, killing me. The same issue with the red orbs when you try to grab them all when you jump down the narrow passages. Because the camera doesn't zoom out or look down, you have no way of knowing where the next red orb is going to be. Also, when I landed, I was suddenly surrounded by enemies without warning and proceeded to beat me to death, once again, due to the camera not being consistent enough with showing you what's below you.
The other slight issue was with collision detection at the platforms and walljumping areas, but I can't really pick out an example, but basically, I fell a lot of times where I shouldn't have.
Something else I just remembered: The King's special-blue-lightning-out-of-the-gro und attack is glitchy as well. When I got hit by one, I was sent flying back, as normal, but as soon I landed, instead of just hitting the ground and lying there, I somehow slid to the left at quite a high speed, which most certainly made contact with another lightning bolt, sending me flying back, then sliding to the left again as I landed, creating an unfair combo which, in total, took about half of my health bar from me, which then killed me. The sliding thing should not happen. I mean, it never happened any other time I landed.
Oh, and the game itself was rather easy.
Because of these glitches, I could never take it upon myself to go through all of the frustration and stress just to get the no-deaths and collect-all-red-orbs medals. 3/10

Overall: The mediocre, frustrating gameplay balances out the excellent graphics and sounds, but it was still sort of fun to play while it lasted. 6/10

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Pacco Pacco

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Very nice.

I didn't have the sound on when I played, but the gameplay was still good. A little hard to move fast enough quick enough, but still good with the technique. I got to 'warp-a-holic!' and got bored of it, but it was still fun while I played. :]

Gateway II Gateway II

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


This was awesome; the puzzles were really good and well-thought out.
The music/sound effects in the background were good too and suited the rooms and the puzzles.
Although what were the eyes when you get the 3rd tape? My volume was set to full and when I took the tape the door shut, 2 massive eyes appeared in front of me and it just went 'SCREECH!'. That really freaked me out. O_O
Awesome job!